Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Little Encouragement

Thanks to Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things, I just read the greatest article about NFP.

You guys, we have fallen into a hole.  We've fallen into the hole of defining life the way corporations want us to define it.  "Family planning" has come to mean "child prevention" and we simply accept that, "natural" has come to mean "non-chemical" and we simply accept that and I, for one, am tired.  I'm tired of feeling obligated to feel embarrassed that our family contains children.  I'm tired of my friends having to tell the world that they "suck" at NFP because their families contain children.  I'm tired of everyone I know who knows about NFP having to constantly justify marriages resulting in children. 
I think this is my favorite paragraph, but really, the whole thing is so wonderful I'm rather hard pressed to choose.
But if you and your husband (or wife, if there's a guy reading this [yeah right]) have not discerned that preventing pregnancy is an absolute MUST for the survival of your family and you end up making lots of babies, YOU DO NOT SUCK AT NFP.  On the contrary, you rock at NFP.  You are planning for your family to be as robust as God wills it to be and are living in absolute accord with nature.  That is a perfectly wonderful, self-sacrificing way for your love for each other to manifest itself. 
Really, read the whole thing!

Oh, and have I mentioned we're expecting another little one around the beginning of December?  Yes, we're all excited, and yes, my daughter is hoping she might finally get a sister.  We shall see!

Friday, April 12, 2013

You Know You're Doing a Good Job...

You know you're doing a good job living the liturgical year when you ask your son, "hey, when's your birthday?"  And he responds, "Well, I know it is sometime during Advent..."