Monday, February 25, 2013

A Lenten Daybook

The Journeying into Lent Daybook
February 25, 2013

Outside My Window
A cool, dark night with an almost full moon glowing brightly in the hearth room window.

I am Listening to
The crackling of the wood burning stove as the metal cools.

I am so Grateful for
This nice, new, comfy couch.  

I am Pondering
“What temptations do I find hardest to resist?  How might this reveal God’s intended purpose for me? ... Learn to see in your temptations a perversion of God’s plan for you.  Try to discern what it is that God might be calling you to do by looking at the areas of your life where you are most tempted.”  The Power of the Cross, p. 23

I am Reading
Oh, goodness, lots of books.  Too many, probably.  The Power of the Cross, Northanger Abbey, some time management book of which the name escapes me, a book written by a teenage family friend, and, oh, about 15 books for the kids’ school - either aloud or reading ahead so I can better discuss them with Emma.  

I am Thinking
I’ve been thinking a little about the next school year, and changes I might make.  I have a draft of a blog post about that, perhaps I’ll get it edited and posted later this week.  

I am Creating
Oh, not too much right now.  I’m trying to make a knotted rosary, but I had to pull it all out because I ran out of cord prematurely.  I’m very slowly working on a headband, a scrubbie, and the swatch for a pair of socks.  

Towards a Real Education
I am really happy with our school year for the most part.  I decided to make our morning time a little longer and start a little earlier in the morning, because I realized that what we do in morning time is so enriching and vital.  So far, so good!  Now we get to read Shakespeare, listen to Handel’s Messiah, read Longfellow’s Hiawatha, sing, and read our world history read aloud every day!  This is in addition to our prayer, Mass readings, decade of the rosary and recitation. The kids and I are very pleased.  It takes about an hour and a half, in case you’re wondering!  But well worth every minute, even with a squirmy toddler and sometimes disruptive four year old.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty
Trying to get everything going at 8 a.m. is trying.  But worthwhile, extremely worthwhile.  But exercising, eating, showering, and making sure the kids are all ready to go is sometimes challenging.  I no longer read at breakfast (a bad habit anyway), the breakfast dishes are sometimes waiting until lunch, as is that first load of laundry...  but I think those are reasonable trade offs.

To Live the Liturgical Year
We are well into Lent at this point, and all is going well.  The children are going strong on their Lenten lapbooks and our Jesse Tree turned Lenten Countdown Tree is gradually becoming more bare.

I am Hoping and Praying

Around the House
Matt installed thresholds in all the upstair doorways recently, along with some trim on the stairs and in the open area.  It looks good!  

What do you mean, we're waiting until Sunday to have more birthday cake?
From the Kitchen
Trying to keep things simple, make sure I use up whatever is in the fridge, and just trying to be mindful of the season.  In our family, this means more leftovers for dinner, more soups, and more bean and rice dishes.  It also means oatmeal for breakfast five days a week - a particularly painful practice for Nathan.  Each morning he reacts with new shock and dismay, even though we keep reiterating that we’ll be doing this for all of Lent.  Time is still such a nebulous concept at four.   I find it funny how each kid is like this at four.  When they are younger they don’t mind, but at round four oatmeal becomes the worst thing ever, then they go to either not minding or even liking it.  

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week
Orthodontist appointment, religious education at the parish, a visit with friends, and a much anticipated overnight trip for Gregory and Emma to my parents' cabin!


  1. Wow, that quote! About seeing our temptations as a perversion of God's plan for us... that is really great. Thanks for sharing.

    Having oatmeal each morning, though it seems a common enough Lenten discipline, is hardly a discipline for me -- it's truly my favorite. I order it at restaurants, even, on the rare occasion that we're out for breakfast. I remember my Dad laughing at this once, and saying something about me being a seventy-year-old on the inside. Steel cut oats with a spoon of almond butter... the perfect breakfast. I hope Nathan comes around someday.

  2. We really enjoy steel cut oats too. We found a recipe in Cooks Illustrated that is really wonderful. It lets you start them the night before so that they cook in about 15 min the next morning, but without making them mushy. I sometimes try to skip the extras I always add - granola, raisins, chia seeds or flax seed meal, and milk - but really, I need the calories.