Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 1

--- 1 ---

We took the plunge and planted our garden last weekend.  Well, I sat in a chair and advised and everyone else planted, but at least I was out there!  We usually wait until June, since our foothills climate is notorious for sending us a sleet/hail/snowstorm after days and days of mild and beautiful weather, but since the weather has been so settled and pleasant we decided not to wait any longer. Since then we've lost six tomatoes, eight peppers, a cucumber, and a bunch of plants we put in the ground over a month ago.  The country always sounds like the perfect place to have a garden and maybe some livestock, but with the deer, rabbits, voles, rats, bobcats and bears it is awfully hard to keep anything alive for any period of time!  The problems this year seem to stem from voles and rats (although I think a rabbit got in last night) and the vole repellent, poison bait, and traps just aren't doing the trick.  I have no idea if we'll manage to have a garden this year or not.

This is the most depressing time of the gardening year.

--- 2 ---

I was never more pleased with my unfinished concrete floor than when I read Jennifer's #5 entry this morning.  Hooray for concrete!

--- 3 ---

I woke up this morning and my second thought (after why oh why does Justin have to wake up at 5:40??) was the realization that I only felt hungry, not nauseous.  Isn't that amazing?  And I read aloud to the kids today instead of taking a nap this afternoon!  Could this mean I'm turning a corner?

--- 4 ---

I have a Facebook account.  I know, I know.  I still find it rather confusing, and I haven't posted anything on my own page (or whatever it is called) but I am really enjoying the Mater Amabilis Facebook group.  There's something about the Facebook format that makes for livelier conversations than what I've found in Yahoo! groups or discussion forums.

--- 5 ---

Matt is taking the two older kids on an overnight backpacking trip this weekend.  Isn't that cool?  Someday I hope I can backpack again...  maybe when I'm 50.  Still, I'd rather have these little folks around than be able to go backpacking.  But I am glad my husband is willing to take the kids out by himself so they get to experience it!

--- 6 ---

I've made great strides on my homeschool planning.  I had the revelation that since history is the subject I'm most passionate about, I'm probably not going to find a curriculum that covers history to my satisfaction.  Once I gave myself permission to ignore the history part of Mater Amabilis, I realized I really like it.  (I feel I should add, not that there's anything wrong with it... it just isn't as complete or slow paced as I would like)  So I'm using almost all of it for the kids next year and that has really simplified my planning!  It also helps that this is my third time around planning a Charlotte Mason style curriculum for the kids.  It really does get so much easier with experience!

--- 7 ---

Could I please, someday soon, find someone who homeschools like I do?  I mean, really, I've lived up here for over five years already!  But then I try to figure out how I would go about trying to meet someone like me, and I realize that someone like me probably wouldn't leave the house much either which makes it awfully difficult.  I guess I need to get out more.  Humph.  

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