Saturday, April 9, 2016

Goals: Interval 11 - Many Things Come to a Head

I decided to change how I'm writing my goals post, and instead I'm going to share with you my interval plan in brief.  It is the same information, but I think it will be less as repetitive than what I've been posting.  I will also be posting this at the end of each six week interval rather than monthly.

I learned this concept of Interval Planning from Mystie Winkler and her absolutely wonderful Simplified Organization course.  This course was so incredibly valuable for me and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  (I should note that according to her recommendations, I have one too many projects listed below, and probably too many tasks too.  And I think in this interval my tasks are probably larger than they should be.  But such things happen sometimes, and I'm going to try and rein myself in a little bit in the next interval.)

I start each interval write-up with a habit I want to focus on for this six week period.  I'm tracking the habits I've chosen so far this year in the Way of Life app.  So far my morning walk habit is quite well established, my serving dinner at 5:30 habit needs a lot of work, and my new habit, everything turned off by 9:45 habit is doing pretty well. (Except, well, tonight.  Oops.)

Habit:  Everything turned off by 9:45


- CM West :: Retreat at the Beach
This is in just a few days, and Celeste and I are doing really well with our talks and planning and everything.  I have a bunch of tasks dealing with food prep and shopping to do in the next few days, but other than that, this project is looking really good.  Hooray for incremental progress and advance planning!

- Video Chat Start Here: 20 Principles Study
Hmm, yes, need to get going on this one.  But after the retreat.

- Bay Area CM Retreat
I think we have a date, but I need to double check it with the location and start working on a contract this interval.  Hooray!

- SoCal trip & Wedding prep
We have a wedding coming up at the end of the month and we'll be doing a little traveling too.  I'm still working on getting all the wedding clothes together, but I'm making progress.  And then there's packing lists to make and other such details...  Perhaps this doesn't seem like much of a progress, but anything that involves buying specific types of clothes for five children is definitely a project for me! 


* Teaching from Rest prep
We have our last meeting this month, and while I'm glad I did this and I think this idea has a lot of promise, I need to figure out how I can encourage more people to join in on the discussions.  After a recent conversation, I'm wondering if a downside to these video chats is that they feel too much like online webinars, where you can sign up and then get a replay later with little diminishment to the experience.  But since these are supposed to be real discussions rather than webinars, it really matters if people don't show up, and there isn't a replay you can listen to later while folding laundry.

* CMI Western Conference
I've been helping a little with the planning for the CMI Western Conference which will be in the LA area from Aug 3-6 this summer.  I will most likely need to be taking a more active role sometime soon, once registration opens (hopefully this month!) and things really get rolling.

* Shakespeare Play prep & Potluck
We'll have our performance this weekend, and I think it is going to turn out really well.  I'd like to write a post about how we've done Shakespeare in a group this year, but that'll probably not happen until early May.

* Continue to work on books
Ahem.  Yes.  Still not done.  But I've donated some 10+ paper bags of books to the Friends of the Library, sold a few, and sent more off via PaperbackSwap.  I still have a few boxes from storage to sort, and several more to go through to decide if they are worth selling or swapping.

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