Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What a Difference a Storm Makes

We finally had our first storm of 2015 and we were able to visit the South Yuba River the day before it hit and the day after the weather cleared.  The contrast was fascinating, and we all marveled at how much of a difference the storm made in the river and the surroundings.

The river last Thursday

And just about the same spot on Tuesday

A great swimming hole on Thursday

And on Tuesday (notice how the sandbar is completely under water now!)

And some very unhappy looking moss

Looks much happier on Tuesday

And look at the amazing emerald color of the water

But of course that's gone by Tuesday

We also spotted two California Poppies, a small patch of Fiddle Neck, and what I think is a type of Larkspur and a type of Brodiaea.  It seems so early to see those flowers, but with how warm it has been I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  


  1. Our wildflowers are early too--a month or more early, according to our notes from last year. And I think that year was earlier than the year before, if I remember right. The comparison shots are so interesting. Our local creek's flow is managed from the dam above, so we don't get to see these kinds of changes after a storm--the pond's edge comes up, but other than that, no huge changes. What a beautiful spot you have, though, rain or not!

  2. We just had our first buttercups on our property last week - definitely early! The river really is beautiful, and it is a lovely trail too. There's a brochure naming a lot of the different trees too, and I'm looking forward to being able to get it and walk the trail with that too.